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Photo scanning
Having your pictures scanned will allow you to share and provides a backup just in case the unthinkable happens. Our equipment will produce high quality digital copies of your photos suitable for printing or archiving for a fraction of the cost. Your photos never leave our store during the scanning process. All your photos are scanned and returned to you unharmed.

Price includes 300dpi scan of your photos and archiving them onto a CD or DVD. 300dpi resolution is high enough to provide beautiful prints the same size as the original should you ever decide to print them. If you foresee printing larger prints than the original size, consider getting your photos scanned at 600dpi for 50% additional cost.

Resolution 300dpi

1 - 100: $1.00 ea.

101 - 300: $0.75 ea.

301 - 599: $0.55 ea.

600 - 999: $0.45 ea.

1000 & up: $0.25 ea.


Photos must be removed from frames and albums, free of glue, tape, sticky notes, or anything that might interfere with our equipment.

Photos should all be orientated face up.

Photos larger than 8 x 10 or smaller than 3 x 5 will require special handling and are subject to additional charges.
Stiff mounted photos or Polaroid photos are subject to an additional charge of $0.10 per photo.

Photos will be scanned roughly in the order you provide, but not necessarily in that order.

Scanned photos will not necessarily be orientated right side up on the CD/DVD. In other words, photos on your CD may be vertical instead of horizontal, or in some cases upside-down. This will not affect the archival quality of the photos or your ability to make prints from the scans.


Do you have an old black and white image you would like to see in color? We can bring new life to your photos by adding color. For best results, a color photo of the subject(s) is recommended. This will help in matching skin tones. $45.00 per hour (prorated)


(Before & after adding color)

Slide shows
No matter what the occasion, we can create a slide show of your photos on DVD. Ideal for weddings, memorials, birthdays, reunions or for showing your pictures to those who don't have a computer. DVD slide shows start at $30.00 (plus scanning fees).

Specials & Services

Diagnostics: Free
10th tape is free
System Cleanup: $85.00

Recommended Software

Picasa is our number one free pick for uploading, sharing, editing and organizing your digital photos.

Windows Live Photo
Organize, edit and share your photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery. Create panoramas, slide shows and fuse photos. Check it out, its free.

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